An Open Letter to the American People (Song of the Cynic, Part One)

from by Depleted Uranium



America is a dying whore.
Her ideals, once so precious,
Are now sold, pawned off
To Monsanto and the MIC
To subsidize her addiction to
High fructose corn syrup and the
Murder of brown people.
Manifest Destiny, that first great
Rush of imperial euphoria, is just
A fading memory. No high matches the first.
And so from sea to oil-slicked sea,
O’er mountains strip-mined of
Their purple majesty and across
Amber waves of GMO grain,
The Stars and Stripes flutter in
Blithe mockery of what was,
And what could have been.

(From every corner of the world)
Our grandparents came to build
A shining city on a hill.
But the city has become a graveyard for
The walking dead,
And the lamp in the window
Is but a corpse-lantern,
Devoid of sound and fury,
Illuminating nothing.

The end is nigh, and the
Wild-eyed street prophets will never
Know how right they were.

So dance, America.
Fiddle while the nation
Burns down around you.
And when nothing remains
But ashes and the bitter
Taste of regret
You will realize, with cold clarity
That “too big to fail” was
The greatest Lie ever told.


from False Flag, released March 31, 2014
Ol' Nick: guitars, bass, drum programming

John Q. Public: vocals, samples, lyrics



all rights reserved


Depleted Uranium Saint Paul, Minnesota

Depleted Uranium is an Internet-based grindcore project, formed in 2012 and consisting of Ol' Nick (guitars, bass, drum programming) and John Q. Public (vocals, samples). Ol' Nick hails from the venerable Southern California extreme music scene, while John Q. Public represents the lesser-known (but no less excellent) Twin Cities sound. ... more

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